Review of the Harry Potter Series (BEWARE: SPOILER ALERTS!)


Amelia DesMarais, Reviewer

This book series has captivated the minds of countless readers, has won awards, and affected much of society. What amazing book series could this be? Well, if you’ve read the title of the article, you should know. If you haven’t, I must ask you why you have not. Now, go read the title!

This series is about a boy named (as is very obvious) Harry Potter. But he is no ordinary boy! For one thing, he’s a wizard. For another thing, he (almost) defeated the most powerful dark wizard of all time……..when he wasn’t even a year old! Many fully trained wizards and witches had died trying to defeat this wizard. So why did Harry survive? Well, read the books! Maybe then you’ll know.

This series is about the adventures of him, his friends, and his foes, from Draco Malfoy to Luna Lovegood to Severus Snape, but, since something bad must always happen in these types of books…
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…many people end up dead on both sides. Follow the twisting and turning tale of Harry in his seven years of schooling and his plight to defeat Lord Voldemort (although very few people call him that).

Overall, this series was an awesome, magical adventure, and I was sad to finally end the series. But it’s the kind of series that you can read over and over again, and never tire of it.

Of course, like in all books, it was not entirely satisfactory. I have but three complaints…

(SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!).

The first is the fact that Fred Weasley was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts. I mean, we understand a lot of people Harry cared about died, but Fred Weasley is overdoing it.A� He was half of the Weasley twins, and then he died. It was very sad, and I still have not gotten over it to this day! Oh, well. Now isn’t the time for melancholy.A�I’m in the middle of a review!

The second is the fifth book. It really drags on, making it a burden to read, though that’s not the only reason it’s my least favorite. One of my favorite characters…


…Sirius Black, died, and there was an extremely annoying character, Dolores Umbridge.

The third complaint is as follows: I’m not counting the eighth book (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) as part of the series, since it wasn’t written by the same author and I find it intolerable. It creates many paradoxes about time travel and corrupts the original vision of the series. And it’s not even about Harry Potter!

Well, nonetheless, like I said, it was, and is, great. I hope that this review will convince you to read the Harry Potter books, and if it doesn’t, then it’s your loss, not mine. I’ve already read the entire series. Twice, at least.