Hurricane Michael

Ava Grace Paolucci, Staff Reporter

A huge hurricane hit Florida last Wednesday (10/11/18).  Hurricane Micheal moved to Florida from about 20 miles away from Cuba.  On the day before the storm hit it was said to have moved. Scientists said that it got stronger and decided it was going to be a category four hurricane.  The National Hurricane Center upped the forecast intensity to at least 130 miles per hour.  This beast of a hurricane mainly affected the Florida Panhandle, but also affected other states including Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

This storm caused power outages across a myriad of states.  Police and others are searching for missing people, although the authorities are afraid that those who didn’t evacuate are trapped under wood, concrete, and mangled metal.   The Florida Department of Health even put up a web-page for people to report the missing, injured, trapped, or those in need of immediate help.

People all over have been pitching in.  Google has put up a donation page and Red Cross is working hard to help the survivors deal.  Civilians from other towns went to Florida with food and water.  Those affected by the Hurricane are trying their best to cope and make the best of a bad situation.


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