Phase 1: Fall Into Sixth

Sabine Bushong, Staff Reporter, 6th grade

Going to school after two months of nothing is hard enough.

Going to a new school doesn’t exactly make it easier.

The “before school excitement” hits a few weeks before school starts sometimes. Then comes phase two, the dread – when you don’t know why the heck you wanted to go to school. Before you know it, school starts. School is what I would consider a mix – fun and work. Some classes are categorized as “fun”, while others are classified as “work” or “hard”. But the thing that always changes is what classes go into each category. Some kids like the work – or maybe it’s not as hard for them, – and other kids struggle and enjoy classes that are “easy”. But one person’s hard is another person’s easy. That is just September, when kids are first at the Middle School.

There is not much of a change when we transition into October, just Halloween decorations and harder work.  The ¨fun” classes give homework and the ¨hard” classes stay the same.  And the teachers can finally say, “It’s already October! You can’t act like this!” Half the kids are ranting about their Halloween costumes. The other thinks their way too old for Halloween. After Halloween comes around and kids lunches are filled with candy,  and all everyone can talk about is how they got WAY more candy than you. Obviously. All of a sudden the 31 week is over and welcome November.

November. No-vember. November. Novem-ber. Ever realize that if you say a word a lot it starts to sound weird? November. Was. So. Cold. It snowed… Personally, I love snow. The thing about the snow is it made everyone happy. School got delayed for those who would rather stay in bed. About everything got cancelled. It was almost perfect.  Well if you could keep your focus on it during the honking cars. Snow made problems. Such as those teachers who couldn’t get to school the next day… Maybe the 10-hour traffic was somewhat a stretch of fun. But it did get me in some form of holiday spirit. Even though it was like a week before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was FREEZING where I was. Left over snow and leaves kind of confused me. Fall and Winter… Anyway, the traditional turkey and gravy was joined on the table by some tofurkey for the non-meat eaters at my table. But I swear, that vegan pumpkin pie I made was so good. It tasted like… pumpkin pie. Not that much of a phenomenon, but I was proud of my silkened tofu and pumpkin puree creation. Long story short, Thanksgiving was great.

And that was fall.