The Weight of the World upon your Shoulders

Amelia DesMarais, Poet/Author, 7th grade

When you’re alone

In the dark

With the weight of the world upon your shoulders,

And all you can feel is pain,

Turn to me.


When you feel that all is lost

that you can go no longer,

that tears are your only company,

Turn to me.


When you need someone to comfort you,

to tell you its all right,

I am here for you


I will guide you through your torment and tears,

Through your nightmares and through your fears,

I will help you when you can’t sleep at night,

And when you lie broken on the ground.


For when you need me,

You will find me here.

Where day and night meet,

Where dreams and demons play,

I will be there


For I am hope,

Pure hope,

Here to help you in your time of need.


Pandora’s box set me free,

Along with all the world’s terrors,

For I am the only warrior who can make them cower.


I am your lantern in the dark,

your protection from all that plagues you.

I am the sword you wield against what evil.


And I will help you

when you’re alone

in the dark

with the weight of the world upon your shoulders.