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2020-2021 Staff

Ms. Pixley

Ms. Pixley

Hi!! My name is Ms. Pixley, and I am the adviser of The Pelham Post- Pelham Middle School's newspaper!  I teach 7th grade English, coach cheerleading, and I LOVE to read!  My favorite series is Harry Potter, but I also really...

Wheek Wheek

Xinrui Zhang

First of all, let me tell you this. I am in 7th grade. My area of expertise is graphic novels and creative writing. If you want a short story of yours transformed into a comic, email me at my email address, which follows the same...

Cassandra Fernandez-Davila

Cassandra Fernandez-Davila

I love to write about fantasy and sometimes debates between should schools keep chocolate milk or not. I like to make myself a better writer everyday. I like to look at a tree and picture a story about it like if it was magical.

Eleanor Condon

Eleanor Condon

Hi! My name is Eleanor Condon, and I  am in sixth grade.  I love writing, reading, the environment, and my black lab. I want to be an novelist/screenwriter/actress when I grow up.  I hope to publish some of my stories and maybe...

Sophia Gonzalez

Hi my name is Sophia and I love animals. When I grow up I want to be a vet. When I lived near the Bronx Zoo we went to the zoo all the time. I loved seeing the giraffe run because it looked like they were running in slow motion....

Writer and Contributor

Cameron Wanuga

Cameron Wanuga is new to the Pelham Post and this is his last year in Middle School. He loves literature, books, and poems alike!

Sydney Comerico

Sydney Comerico

Hi, my name is Sydney! I am very excited to be a part of the Newspaper Club! Some of my favorite things to do are to dance, sing, go skiing, and hangout with my friends and family! I enjoy traveling. Some of my favorite places...

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