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Beggars Hollow Chapter 2

Mia McDermott, Author

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🗝Chapter 2🗝

  Gwen and Ash didn’t realize they were holding their breath until they let it all out. The big, shadowy figure seemed to be a weird oldish man who was somehow seven feet tall. Although everything about him screamed tired and old, there was a certain glint in his purple-indigo eyes that suggested that there was more than meets the eye to him. When he spoke with a warm smile, his voice was surprisingly clear.

“Welcome, girls, I see you have finally outgrown the orphanage! This is your new home, and you get to stay here for at least the next five years. Come, come, I will explain all inside.”

With no other choice, they followed him inside. The girls simultaneously gasped.

There was a great hall decorated with streamers, paper snowflakes, and confetti of all forms, yet it still maintained a sort of beauty. All around them were people Gwen’s age and older, playing, drawing, and really making a big mess. The poor mechanical servants were trying to clean up, but were victim to impromptu makeovers and re-programmings. It was the most beautiful thing that Gwen and Ash had ever seen.

“Well, what are you waiting for,” Mr. McBridge said, smiling, “the only rule here is to have fun!” Gwen and Ash started to run off, but Gwen felt a feeling of dread as Mr. McBridge pulled her aside. “Go along, Ashlyn, I’ll only borrow Gwen here for a minute.” Ash gave her a concerned look as she walked away, but was lost in the crowd quickly.

“Now, Gwen, you aren’t in any trouble. but I was wondering about some things.” He led her into a separate room with only a chair, and closed the door behind him. “Just sit here, and I´m just going to put my hands on each side of your head, see? Now I´m going to look into your memories, so just…. relax….” his voice faded out as Gwen closed her eyes and felt what must have been a memory, yet seemed so clear….

The door started banging, banging, banging. Suddenly, it bursts open, and a purple-eyed hulk of a man bursts in. A haggard woman in a nightdress is seen, but that is all I see as the man grabs me and runs. I should be crying, but I am strangely calm as he cradles me. I fall asleep….


Want more? Stay tuned for the next chapter of Beggar’s Hollow!

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One Response to “Beggars Hollow Chapter 2”

  1. Amelia DesMarais on October 13th, 2018 6:40 pm

    I like the cliffhanger! I’m glad you finally continued the story.

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Beggars Hollow Chapter 2