Student Council 2020 – Through the Lens of Joseph Vassalotti


Isabella Turner, Staff Reporter, 8th grade

Do you know how decisions are made at PMS? Many decisions are made from the students of the Student Council. The Student Council is a group of students that were voted by their peers to represent them to the school so that the students voices can be heard. Before our student council winners were elected, the runners had to make a speech explaining why they thought they were the best fit for the Student Council. All students watched their videos and made the decision of who they wanted on their Sudent Council. The voting was on a Google Form that was sent to all of the students where they voted. I sat down with the Vice President, Joseph Vassalotti, and we talked about what his plans were as the Vice President. Here is a summary of what he said.

IT: What are some of your goals as Vice President?

JV: I wanted to run for Student Council because I wanted to make the school a better and more enjoyable time for the students.

IT: What are some of the reasons why you decided to run?

JV: I decided to run because I wanted to meet new people and I wanted to make a difference in the school.

IT:What would you like to achieve this year on the student council?

JV: I really want to make the dances and events more fun by adding new activities and games for the people so they can have a more enjoyable time.

IT: How do you feel about having the responsibilities of being the Vice President?

JV: I like that I can make the school a better place, and I can share and expand my ideas with my peers.

IT: What is one of your favorite things about being on the Student Council?

JV: I like being in a club that can make a difference, so that my friends and I can have a great time at PMS.

IT: Is there anything that stresses you out about being on the Student Council?

JV: I get stressed with making mistakes that will affect the students ad the school.

IT: If there was one change you could make, what would it be and why?

JV: I would like to change the sign-out sheets and make them more efficient.

After meeting with Joseph, I now know that the future events and activities will be very enjoyable, and I am excited for the upcoming events this school year at PMS. I am also excited to see what the Student Council has planned for 2020!