When Leaves are Beautiful


Kathryn Kuznetsov, Contributor, 8th grade

when you are beautiful

when you are red, orange, and yellow

you are awarded

for falling away from your home

if you are a bright color

people celebrate your death

people jump on you

as you lay on your grave

and you are a mak of change

a mark of something coming

if you are green

and you fall away

then you are seen

as an unusual occurrence

you are not celebrated

as much

when people look up

and see green leaves

they do not cheer

or smile with happiness


you ask desperately

the answer is:

they do not care for you

but at least green leaves last longer

because green leaves last for two seasons

but when you are beautiful

you only last one

and then you fade away quickly

in a matter or weeks

you will be laying

in a graveyard of white