Thanksgiving for our Faculty: Mr. Battersby

Kristen Anderson, Contributor, 7th grade

Thanksgiving, while not as hectic as Christmas, can be very chaotic. Casseroles, stuffings, pies, turkeys, and more all have to be prepared within two to three days. Not only do they need to be prepared, but they also need to be made with the utmost care and caution. Some people host as many as twenty people. During all the confusion, some things are lost in the mix. Why cook a turkey when you can buy one pre-cooked? Why bake a pie when there’s plenty already made at Fairway? Why actually make cranberry sauce when you can dish it from a can?

However, this year you can cross that last item off the list with Mr. Battersby’s easy cranberry sauce.

Mr.Battersby’s Delicious Cranberry Sauce

The perfect recipe for the holidays.


2 packages of 12 oz whole cranberries

2  8 oz cups of  water

1 8 oz cup of sugar

1/2 cup of chopped celery

1/2 cup of chopped walnuts


Combine water and sugar in a pot and bring to a boil. Add cranberries and return to a boil. Boil the mixture for 10-15 while occasionally stirring. Pour the heated mixture into a bowl. Stir in the celery and walnuts. Cool the mixture to room temperature. Cover and refrigerate.

About Mr.Battersby:

Mr. Battersby teaches technology to students. He likes dogs, music, and the Giants. Mr. Battersby is great at explaining, helping, and coding. He has worked at Pelham Middle School for 13 years. Mr. Battersby is known for his kindness and patience. If you would like to learn more about Mr.Battersby visit his class after school in room 169.