8th Grade Community Project: Highlighting Essential Workers during COVID-19

Essential workers put their lives on the line during the peak of the pandemic, and they are continuing to risk their lives for our safety. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all, especially essential workers. COVID-19 has torn the world apart and caused many casualties, but it also brought communties together. People exemplified their support for essential workers by baking goods to bring to the hospitals, providing P.P.E, and personally outreaching to their families to check in with them. Through our Community Project we created a survey that helped outline the different positive and negative effects essential workers have experienced. Some explained the difficulties of loss of family members, the fear of bringing the virus to loved ones, and a fear of going to work each day. A response from a nurse that had the greatest impact on us was, “We can’t take life for granted. Enjoy every day and always serve as a purpose”. This well said wise quote proved to us how quickly life can change. Others responses had more difficult working experiences than some and were more traumatic. For example, “…had to take my clothes off in the garage after a shift in the ER, before entering the main house. Showered immediately. I isolated myself from my family so ate and slept alone. It was a lonely time”. 

The pandemic was much more challenging for essential workers and they risked their lives everyday to serve others. COVID-19 was difficult for everyone but imagine how essential workers suffered. We must remember to thank essential workers for all of their hard work during the highs and lows of the pandemic and we can not forget all the risk and sacrifice they showed during hard times!