Haunted High School Spooks Pelhamites


On Thursday, October 27, just 5 days before Halloween, the Pelham High School mutated into the terrifying High School Haunted House from 7:00-9:00. This annual Pelham Halloween tradition attracted thrill seekers from the four elementary schools, the middle school, and the high school.

For a $10.00 fee, students could enter the scary school to be terrorized by seniors dressed as popular characters like the ‘IT’ clown, V for Vendetta, Screamer, and others.

Ava Rutigliano said that the Haunted House “was very frightening and also very realistic, the costumes were amazing as well as the props and the strobe lights.”

Students entered the Haunted House in groups of 5-8 people. They were guided to different rooms, each with a different theme.

“I absolutely enjoyed the themes this year, and I love how they take into advantage certain ‘scary’ events and movies and put them into the haunted house,” said seventh grader Cristina Stefanizzi.

One particularly loved room this year incorporated the creative use of desks as tunnels. In that room, students had to crawl through the tunnel while faceless ghouls let out blood curdling screams.

“Most will say it wasn’t that scary, but I’m almost positive they were scared. It was really frightening but not to the point where you may not go into every classroom,” said eighth grader and student government secretary Claire McDonald.

“I liked the ‘IT’ theme, and I think a Purge or Saw theme would be scary and fun,” suggested sixth grader Sean McCormick.

There was tremendous turnout for the Haunted House, with lines extending into the nearby street.

“A lot of people attended this years haunted house. I waited in line for about 30 minutes but it was so worth it!” commented eighth grader Nora Dusevic.

Some found the strobe lights in each room to be too harsh, but most enjoyed the event anyway. Many hope to attend next year.

“I am planning to attend next year. In fact, I would like to be part of a room staff next year. I think it would be fun to set up and organize a room,” said eleventh grader Luca Rivera.

The proceeds from this fundraiser will support the Senior Prom.