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The M

Ask The M!   (By The M)

If you have a question that needs to be answered, put it in the advice box in the library by the date on the sign. Here’s the advice for the first addition:

Dear M,

There’s this person who always shoves me around. I know they’re being playful, but it’s really annoying! How do I tell them to stop?

-Not Funny 👋

Dear Not Funny,

It’s definitely not funny getting pushed around, even if they don’t mean it. The best way to go is to calmly tell them that you don’t like being pushed around. You could even make a joke about it!

-The M

Dear M,

I just got a pimple, and people have definitely noticed! Nobody has said anything yet, but I’m getting nervous. Please help!

-Pimple Problems 🌝

Dear Pimple Problems,

If nobody has said anything yet, then the best advice is to act normal. If it really bugs you, then you can ask one of your parents to help you with it. Everybody has had acne, and they know what it’s like. If someone makes a mean comment, just know that it doesn’t matter.

– The M

Dear M,

I have a crush on someone, but I think they like another person! What do I do?

-Crush Crash 💔

Dear Crush Crash,

If you’re sure this person likes somebody else, then don’t go all revenge crazy. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be or become friends! And who knows? You’ll just have to let it happen naturally….

-The M

Dear M,

I just joined a group chat, but my parents went on about cyber-bullying and internet safety, and now they made me delete it! I don’t want to get back on it and disobey them, but what do I do?

-No More Groups? 📞

Dear No More Groups,

Cyber-bullying is real, and your parents probably wanted to protect you from it. And you have to think, did you know everyone on that chat? Did anyone ever insult another person? Did you? Your parents had a good reason for doing what they did, and you can always talk to them.

-The M

😃Thank You So Much For Reading!