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Planners “Streamlined”

Victor Chang, Staff Reporter

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Planners are a vital part of school for most. Those lacking an impeccable memory rely on their planners to remember their homework, upcoming tests, and other events. However, planners are not perfect. They are prone to many problems, some of which this set of tips hopes to eliminate.


Problem: Losing your planner.

Solution: Place an opening key ring onto the top spiral of your planner. Hook the ring to another large                    object, like a binder or Chromebook case. This means that as long as one remembers said large object, one will bring their planner with them.


Problem: One subject has lots of homework that overflows into other boxes.

Solution: Utilize two empty boxes at the bottom of your planner and place the homework in them. Write the subject in the box.


Problem: Post-It bookmarks fall out.

Solution: Open to the current week and put an opening key ring onto the top spiral of your planner. Use                 the ring to open to the correct page. Every Friday, move the ring to the next week.


Hopefully, these tips have helped you think about how to streamline your planner. Remember, if all else fails and the problems are not solved, try to use your memory!!

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One Response to “Planners “Streamlined””

  1. Sophia DesMarais on November 9th, 2017 4:03 pm

    I lost my planner, but my name is on the inside cover. I have a good memory…except when it comes to homework!!! However, my name is on the inside cover. If anyone finds it, TELL ME!!!

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Planners “Streamlined”