Green Hoverboard

You may have recently ordered a handle-less segway, or also known as a Hoverboard? I know I have, and it broke after one night!

These machines may be cool, but they can still be dangerous. I received a Hoverboard as a present last Christmas. I ended up opening the box that contained the Hoverboard sat in my grandmother’s garage for 1. months. When I opened it to use, it would not roll evenly. I then sent it back to get it fixed. The company sent it back, and it was still broken, so I got my money back. Some other things that it did wrong was accelerating and overheating. Some Hoverboards have even caught on fire in the past and exploded!

A average Hoverboard price range is from about $150.00 – $600.00. I got my Hoverboard for around $175.00 off of eBay. I do not know if that has anything to do with the problem, but overall, I feel they are not that safe.