An Autumn Sonnet

Kristen Anderson, Poet, 7th grade

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The rich, warm hues of autumn’s many leaves

Compensate for the new crisp and cold air

Dozens of them drop at the lightest breeze

Red, orange, and gold colors give them great flair


The sweltering day of summer are o’er

Giving way to a brisk and bracing feel

A warning of winter not to ignore

But the weather remaining even-keel


The children walk to school in the morning

Their parents leading the way beside them

The vibrant colors around adorning

The stroll to the building of ceaseless mayhem


But this season’s not just focused on work

Catch the falling leaves! Jump in a leaf pile!

Halloween celebrations are a perk

Thanksgiving will bring a gratified smile


Autumn’s chilly charm bewitching to see

As fall’s crinkly leaves are blown from a tree