8th Grade Community Project: Documenting Social Awareness in 2020-2021

Our 8th grade community project group has written this article to raise awareness for teens that have been going through hard times during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have had to change our way of life because of the precautions we have had to adapt to. These changes have had many effects on our mental health and social life. Many teens are suffering now from depression, isolation, and loneliness, because they have had to seperate themselves from friends and family. Teens are spending more time on screens because the only way they can safely socialize is online. For instance, they have been spending more time on social media, and playing video games. Hybrid learning and fully virtual learning are also in effect right now across the country. These ways of learning limit how kids would socialize in school, and this also affects them academically. Because of all these factors, teens are struggling to learn in school and are having a hard time socializing, but hopefully as the pandemic continues to decrease we can get back to normal!