8th Grade Community Project: Documenting Social Awareness in 2020 – 2021


Image: Pelham residents, summer of 2020 holding BLM posters and protesting in honor of all who died at the cost of injustice in the United States. Photos from the Pelham Examinar.

In one US survey, 15.8% of students reported experiencing race-based bullying or harassment. Research has found significant associations between racial bullying and negative mental and physical health in students. In 2020, almost 100 years after the Civil Right Movement traces of racism can still be found in America. For our 8th grade community project, we have been focusing on raising awareness to the different viewpoint of discrimination while shining a light on our reaction to the recent world events. We wanted to understand how other people felt about this topic so we sent out a google form with a series of questions. We also wrote an article for the yearbook and finally wrote an article here for the Pelham Post. The results of our survey varied; we got similar results from some people and different results from others. The survey was supposed to uncover people’s understanding of the BLM movement along with other things. There were many comments that we found particularly interesting. One being, “There are good people, there are bad people, but the worst are bystanders”. Another quote regarding the BLM movement that stood out was, “Needed. I think it is good that people are speaking up on police brutality. There is no room for mistakes in the line of working cops”. Kids and faculty in our school feel strongly about these topics. By sharing what we found, we hope that we open your eyes to the improvements that can still be made in our neighborhood, and on a larger scale, in this country.